Book Binding Marketing Material

Book binding is not only for titles. It’s about the entire bindery process, starting from the selection of paper, through the binding and up to the finishing process. The binding can be done by machine or by hand depending on the preference of the author. There are several different binding choices available to authors. There are some guidelines on how to make book binding promotional material.

For book binding, choose a binding method that is flexible and yet sturdy enough to withstand the weight of the book and the stress of continuous handling. A DIN binding or letter binding offers uniformity in the production of each bound book. It is a popular choice among book binding specialists. Letter bound binders ensure that the contents do not become misaligned even after several years. A heavy stock binding is preferred for thicker volumes that need extra support during storage.

Book binders can also be used as book binding promotional material because it comes ready with the necessary extras. Promo binder come with a variety of holders, page protectors, and other special features, all made to complement the original binding style. These items are usually sold in sets of two or three, which makes perfect companions for bound promotional materials.

Book binding and promotional booklets are different because they are made from different papers and even the end result may differ. One may have a glossy finish, while another has a matte or rough texture. A binding may use glue, vinyl, or metal to keep the pages together. Binders used for promotional purpose can have as many as eighty pages. Most binders are manufactured with a heavy stock made from aluminum, copper, or steel, making them highly durable.

The thickness of the pages should be decided upon based on the volume of the book. Thinner pages require fewer binding pages to keep the book intact. For thick books, thick plastic or cardboard binding is used. There is also the option of using Velcro to bind the pages together.

The number of pages used in a binder will depend on the size of the binder and how many colors or images are to be bound into the pages. Booklet binding style will depend on the layout and presentation of the document. Usually, one-page booklets are used for simple documents while brochure bound brochures have several pages.

One can buy ready-made binder at bookstores or order it custom-made. Ready-made bindings are available in a wide range of materials and styles. Custom-made bound material is thicker and stronger and can usually be identified by the quality of the stitching used. The thickness will also depend on the binding style chosen. Some binder styles are quite thick and they are perfect for large volumes, while others are ideal for publications of a very small size.

If you intend to market your booklets through giveaways or corporate events, choose a binder style that is convenient to carry and easy to assemble. It is advisable to look for a Scottsdale print shop with flexible binding method that allows the user to bend the pages if necessary. The design of the promotional material must be attractive and appealing to the readers. It can be printed on colored paper, cardstock or vinyl. Whatever the material used, the finished product must be attractive and appealing.